Base For Bosch Colt Laminate Trimmer
Bosch Lam Trim
Bosch Left
Bosch Back

This model is very compact.  The base plate measures 4.5" x 4".  Construction and features are similar to all our bases: machined, anodized 6061 Aluminum and 0-1 tool steel, no castings whatsoever.  In addition to a screw thread adjustable fence/circle cutter,  the base comes complete with plunge springs and two sub-base plates, one of which will accommodate standard Porter-Cable  template guides.   A tower knob for height adjustment, a depth stop and a lever lock are also featured. The Small Radius Attachment and the Close Work Fence are available as accessories for this model. NOTE: The base will cut diameters down to 4.5" . Luthiers will need the Small Radius Attachment for cutting soundholes and rosettes. With this accessory the minimun diameter is reduced 1.25".


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