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Dremel 300 Front

Reviews and Testimonials










  • Terry Kreachbaum, luthier:

    "Just bought one. What a lovely thing.  The red anodized finish was a surprise, since I expected gray or black, from the black and white picture in your catalog.....What a gratifyingly precise and beautiful tool.  A bargain.

    Thanks again.  I look over at the shelf where my pretty scarlet gem of a  router base is kept and I am filled with delight.  It is whimsically bright and joyous."

  • Model Airplane News:

    "Detail work made easy
    If there's one tool that almost every modeler has in his or her shop, it must be a Dremel tool or one similar. Just when I thought I had every available accessory to make my life easier, here comes the Bishop Cochran Plunge Router Base, which converts the fixed base Dremel tool into a true plunge router.....
    The very sturdy unit is machined out of anodized aluminum with 01 premium ground steel posts and guides. If you've used a plastic router attachment, you know how it can flex and loosen, but the Cochran base has a beefy feel and absolutely does not flex......
    Am I impressed? You bet!"

  • Mike Shirt, street organ maker (England):

    "I felt I had to drop you a line to say how excellent I have found your Plunge Router Base to be.
    It certainly has lived up to my expectations. It is a tool that I know I will have many years of use out of.....the router base has been useful in many areas but particularly for the organ pipes. It enables me to cut very accurately a 20 thou' rebate at the mouth where the air emerges into the pipe."

  • Fine Woodworking:

    "A top-notch base made of machined and anodized aluminum.
    [This] beefy tool is stable and has micro-adjusting capability--both horizontally and vertically.  The base has a depth stop and locking vertical and horizontal levers. The base is also pre-tapped for templates or other accessories intended for Dremel bases. Cochran's base makes it easier to control a Dremel tool when routing freehand or with a fence....this is an accessory that turns your moto-tool into a precision mini-plunge router."

  • Furniture and Cabinet Making:

    "The base is extremely well made....Once set up and locked in position, the accessory allows the Dremel to cut with an exceptional smoothness and accuracy. This little tool is ideal for inlay and decorative marquetry work on furniture and, with a little imagination, the shape, size and construction of the router base allow it to be adapted to custom jigs."

  • Mike Doolin, luthier:

    "Greatly extends the functionality of the original tool. Solidly made and extremely accurate, it's just the thing for inlay work."

  • Workbench:

    "Looks like a miniature version of the base you'd find on a full-size plunge router...Looking at the base shows Mr. Cochran paid careful attention to details. Quality construction is evident in the base's anodized aluminum and hardened steel components, simple layout, and smooth operation...I was impressed with the simplicity of mounting the tool, and with how securely the base holds the rotary tool in give[s] rotary tools a level of control and performance missing from their standard router base attachments."

  • Endorsed by Jeffrey R. Elliott, luthier:

    "It's about time. I've been waiting years for this."

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