Technical Specifications
Bosch Front
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  • Beautifully machined from solid 6061 aluminum alloy bar stock with red anodized finish
  • O-1 tool steel posts
  • Vertical and horizontal screw adjustment
  • Depth stop
  • Positive locks on vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Screw adjust fence/circle cutter
  • Made in the USA by master machinist R Shoemaker

The router base's mass and rigidity cut down on vibration, making cutting accurate and smooth. Perfect for small inlay work.

The plunge feature allows the bit to be lowered into the work while the tool is running.

The tool is held in constant alignment as it descends into the work. This feature is particularly useful when doing fine inlay where entry point is critical.

The vertical screw adjustment allows for smooth adjustment of bit depth. The lock is easy to use. A stop controls depth of cut. Dowels are neatly flush cut using these features.

The screw-adjusted fence/circle cutter is simple to use and precise. Adjustment and locking are easily accomplished with the fence knob and locking levers.

The base can be clamped upside down in a vise, and then used as a miniature shaper or drum sander, nice for making small parts and inlays.